Landrum Independent Baptist Church

A Church Where Old-Time Worship Is Not A Thing of The Past.

Thank you for visiting our church's website, we hope you will prayerfully consider visiting us at Landrum Independent Baptist Church (LIBC). We are located on the corner of South Church Avenue and East Blue Ridge Street in beautiful Landrum, South Carolina.

We, the congregation of LIBC, would like to invite you to join us as we strive together in exalting the Savior, encouraging the saints, and evangelizing sinners. Our prayer is to seek the Lord's direction in providing a place where wounded, weary, and, yes, even the wicked find compassion, care, and conviction. We desire that all who come to our church have the freedom to worship God; leaving every service having enjoyed the liberty to worship the Lord Jesus Christ thru Gospel preaching and praise (John 4:24).

LIBC is a church were preaching takes pre-eminence, old fashioned singing is enjoyed, and God's people enjoy true family-like fellowship around the things of God. Our church is a loving church where many have came, visited, and left knowing that we are a church where all are welcome.

Pastor Shane Jackson
1 Samuel 12:24

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200 East Blue Ridge Street · Landrum, South Carolina 29356

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